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When emailing for help, Please insert Free Problem Solving in the subject header line of the email. This will direct your mail into a folder which I check regularly and ensure it doesn't get mixed up with all the spam mail I unfortunately receive.

This site is constantly growing and evolving. If you checked for an answer yesterday it may well have been added today. It's always worthwhile revisiting pages as they are being updated as I collate more information.

If you cannot find an answer, then please feel free to email me here and give as many details as possible. Please include which version of windows you use, which programmes you are having trouble with, which camcorder you use, how it's connected and any error messages you may receive.

I will get you an answer as soon as I can. Bear in mind I am UK based so it may be a few hours until I reply if you are in another country.

Please supply as much information as you can, it's better to give me too much than too little. Items such as pc specs - processor/ram/hard drive size, which operating system and programmes you are using, your camcorder make and model PAL or NTSC, any error messages you receive. If you could give an indication of your location in the world it would help me with answers that may concern the type of system you have,

I reserve the right to use any information, anonymously in any future tutorials in order to help others.

This is all done for free. If you wish, you may donate for my services via PayPal, just click on the button below. Do not feel obligated and you certainly won't receive a better or faster reply if you donate.


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