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Who am I?
Graham Hughes, Microsoft MVP, known as Skier-Hughes on forums.

Why use my site?
First of all I visited sites such as this and asked questions to find the answers that I needed. From that point I moved on to answering other peoples questions. Enjoying this I participated in more forums.
I must have a talent for helping people, as after a while of helping newcomers, Microsoft thought I was so helpful that they awarded me Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Digital Media status. Which, I must say, I was very surprised at, but very pleased at the same time- it's nice to have some recognition for all the hard work and time voluntarily given.
Visit Microsoft's site here for more information on MVP's and my MVP page here.

Because of that, and because people had the same questions, I thought it would be useful to set up a site that collects together all the answers to the mostly commonly experienced problems when people start editing video on their home computers... My Video Problems was born!

My Business background

My own company DVDs 2 Treasure Ltd specialises in format conversions from all types of media, such as cine, Hi8, Video 8, Digital 8, mini dv and VHS to DVD or any other type of format you require. We also film events from weddings to commercial work, but tend to concentrate on Charity and School events.

Whatever the problem you have I aim to help. If the answer to your query isn't here, use my free problem solving service.


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