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This page has links through to many tutorials I have written. Some of them are general ones, others are written for specific areas or programmes, such as Microsoft Movie Maker. I have kept them as easy to follow as possible, added pictures or even small movies to watch to make them easier to understand. If you do have problems though, feel free to contact me. Maybe the problem you have isn't covered, let me know and I'll write up and make a video tutorial and add them to the list.

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Video Tutorials All the video tutorials in one easy to find location

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorials

Movie Maker Tutorials

How do I optimise my PC for capturing video?

How to recover files from a Sony HDD camcorder

How do I make my YouTube videos look better?

How do I convert an Mpeg2 or VOB file to wmv?

What is a VOB file

How do I find the right graphics drivers?

How do I find out about fault buckets for easier fault finding?

How do I find which codecs are on my pc?

How do I use avicodec software?

Why is my video blocky / pixellated?

How do I add extra more RAM to my PC?

How do I edit DVR-MS files?

How do I convert my DVR-MS files to PSP automatically?

How do I turn Acceleration off?

How do I select the correct audio input for analogue audio recording?

How do I use system restore?

How do I enable cd recording in Windows?

How do I convert Audio files, such as mp3 to WAV?

Which should I choose, 12 bit or 16 bit audio on my camcorder?

How do I edit the video from my dvd camcorder discs?

What is the difference between Mpeg2 and DV.AVI files?

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 dv-avi files?

How do I find out what file system my hard disc drive uses?

How do I find out which version of a programme I am using?

How do I rename multiple files in one go?

Why doesn't my television show all of my video or picture on the screen?

Which television system do they use abroad?

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