Recommended Suppliers

In order to keep the number of adverts on the main pages to a minimum I have set up this page of suppliers who I would use myself.

If you follow through a link and make a purchase it enables me to spend a little more time answering all the "Free Problem Solving" emails I get each day, without having to charge and allows me more time to write and produce the freely available tutorials.

You can always use the donate now button and make a donation via paypal if you want to help without purchasing.

The companies below all have various special offers at different times. They also vary them, so it's always best to keep an eye on what's new.

Household Name Stores   Internet Shops   PC Manufacturers    Music/Video/Games   Fun, useful and Technology stores

Household Name Stores

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The Big Name Internet Stores

For example Dabs, Misco, C Discount and Creative for all electrical and electronic items, such as camcorders, digital cameras, computer components.

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PC Manufacturers
Big names like HP and Dell


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Music, Video, Books, Games and DVD

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Fun, Useful and Technology sites

British Food and Drink - A complete line of British food and drink conveniently located in San Francisco, California. Reasonable prices, prompt shipping worldwide.

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