This site is designed to address general video problems by presenting easy to follow solutions for them.

The main aim is to help the Newcomer to video editing. By presenting information in easy to understand terms with clear explanations as to what they are, every visitor will be able to gain some extra knowledge.

Please read the Useful Information page first. It contains many little snippets which will make using the site easier to understand, it is updated as and when necessary, so if you've already read it but come across something new, try going back and checking. If you are still having trouble, just mail me using the contact me button.

Recommended suppliers page
Use the recommended suppliers link to go to a page which has great offers from companies that I have dealt with and feel offer a good service. Different suppliers have offers are different times, so check back regularly. Ok, it helps pay for the site if you purchase items from a linked site, but it is up to you.

My Businesses
Do you have old films in need of conversion? DVDs 2 Treasure
Need help designing web-sites or producting graphics? Try Egg Box Media
Looking for high quality good value office products? Try Product Nation

Other community and charity work I participate in;

Community Governor for Whitegreave Primary School - Featherstone Staffs

The Prince's Trust - Business Mentor


See me, my son and his friends having our heads shaved in aid of Cancer Research here. Also Race for Life video


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