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The links below are to general problems people suffer from and give suggestions for remedies. Often these problems are ongoing, or alter depending on the type of hardware and software that you have installed. In this case, if the proposed fixes do not work, get in touch with me, using the free problem solving page and give me as many details as you can about your problem.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 start up error (essentials 2012)

Vista and Firewire problems

Movie Makers Green Bar Problem

Problem solvning for Movie Maker 6 in Windows Vista

My Camcorder is not working now I have installed SP2

Cannot capture from my Digital tape Camcorder with Windows 7

Cannot capture from my Digital Camcorder

Why does Movie Maker crash?

Qedit.dll error on starting Movie Maker

Movie Maker does not appear after installing SP2

My movie skips and jumps when I play it back in Movie Maker

Powertoys video screen saver not working with WMP10?

Out of Sync Audio and Video when editing Mpeg files

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