Movie Maker does not appear after installing SP2


The problem of installing SP2 and then not being able to find Movie Maker appears quite often in the newsgroups.

First check which version you do have - it may already be updated and you didn't realise. Check here for how to do that.

Movie Maker is generally found at;
All Programmes

You can also find it at;
C: (If this is where Windows is installed)
Program Files
Movie Maker
From this location you need to Db Click on the MovieMk File, see here for a picture of the icon.

Try clicking on;
type in - moviemk.exe
click Ok

If you can't find it, or it doesn't open properly, then there are easy to follow instructions given by Dean Rowe, for the manual re-installation of the Movie Maker system files, in his WebLog. Rather than reiterating what has been so well written already, I will give you a link to the information. Remember if you find you cannot follow it, you can always contact me using the link to the left and ask for help.

Also look at your spyware removal tools. Some have been known to remove useful files from programmes.

Dean Rowe's WebLog

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