Vista and Firewire problems

I have noticed several posts on various newsgroups and forums, people saying that manufacturers have told them that Vista does not support firewire.

This is totally untrue as all flavours of Vista support firewire straight out of the box.

I have asked Microsoft for any help they might be able to give to get to the bottom of this, be it rumour for techies who don't have an answer as to why their product doesn't work - so blame whatever is new ie Vista, or whether there may be a conflict on certain systems/driver set-ups/configurations.

To this end, as I did with the SP2 and firewire problem, I am again collating all information I can from anyone who appears to have a Vista firewire problem to pass on to Microsoft to look at.

Check out the items in this article and check that your items are not faulty first, by doing tests with known to work items.

Check this KB fix from Microsoft in case it relates to your problem. It is An IEEE 1394 device is no longer available when you wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or after you reconnect the device and found here

Some people suffer from driver installation problems, when you try to install a new hardware device on a Windows Vista-based computer, such as plugging in your camcorder, Windows Vista cannot install the driver for the hardware device successfully. Additionally, you may sometimes receive the following error message:

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

At present there is no hotfix for this, but if you follow these instructions carefully it should resolve the problem. The INFCACHE. 1 file can be deleted without causing problems to your computer, but let's be safe, so make a system restore point before doing it, see here

1. Type "C:\Windows\inf" into the search box on the start menu.
2. Locate the INFCACHE.1 file and right-click it and select Properties.
3. On the INFCACHE.1 Properties window tab to the "Security" tab and click the "Edit" button to change permissions on this file.
4. On the Permissions for INFCACHE.1 window click the "Add" button.
5. On the Select Users or Groups window click the "Advanced" button.
6. A new Select Users or Groups window will open and then click the "Find Now" button.
7. The search results are sorted alphabetically; locate the username you logon to Windows with and then double-click.
8. Under the "Enter the objects names to select..." you should see something like this YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Yourusername
9. Now click the OK button.
10. You will now return to the Permissions for INFCACHE.1 window.
11. Under the Permissions for Yourusername you need to tick "Full Control" under the Allow column. Click the "Apply" button and then the "OK" button.
12. You will be prompted with a "Windows Security" window, just click the "Yes" button and continue.
13. Delete the INFCACHE.1 file.
14. Restart your computer.


PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION if emailing me with regards to your problem.
Make and model of camcorder
Pal or NTSC
Age of cam

Make and model of PC and list pc specs
Make of firewire card if separate
Age of PC
Shop bought with Vista/Shop bought with XP and then upgraded/Home built with Vista/Home built and upgrade to Vista.

What happened when you did the testing on the linked page.

What happens when you try to connect you cam and capture. Please be as precise as you can.

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