Where should I get my updated graphics card drivers from?

If you have a desktop computer then you need to get your graphics drivers from the manufacturer of your graphics card. Laptops are dealt with here

Who is the manufacturer? You can find out by going to device manager.
Control Panel
Hardware (if using XP or prior version)
Device Manager
Then click on the plus sign next to Video
Then click on the plus sign next to Display adaptors.

This will show you what your graphics manufacturer is. If you have a separate graphics card then your card may be made by N-vidia or ATI etc. So your card will be shown as
NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT
for example

If you have onboard graphics, so the motherboard has the graphics built in, then you may have something like this
SiS Mirage Graphics

If you have a manual for your pc, this should tell you whether your graphics are onboard or separate. It may even give you the details of the card.

For a separate graphics card you need to go to the manufacturers web site, so for our example above you'd go to N-vidia's web site www.nvidia.com
Then go to download drivers and input your graphics card details into the form, by adding the info for the card and your operating system and location in the world. Click on search.
This will return the latest driver for the card details you inputted, click on the I agree and download and install. (I prefer to download to my pc and save the file, then install from this file rather than running the download and installation concurrently.)

This should be a similar exercise for the other brands.

For onboard graphics you need to visit the web site of the motherboard manufacturer. This is not SiS as mentioned in our example above, they are just the manufacturer of the chipset and here is a warning about using their drivers

We only manufacture chipsets for Mainboards/VGA cards, but do not assemble boards or cards for retail use. Retail board and card manufacturers often customize SiS chipsets' hardware and software to suit their particular system or configuration, so drivers on this site may not work for your particular system.
Your manufacturer is the best source of information for product information and support. We suggest you obtain technical assistance from your board or card manufacturer first before installing SiS drivers.

SiS does not guarantee the proper functionality of these drivers on your customized systems and we assume no responsibility for any problems occur upon the installation of SiS drivers.

So, we need to find the manufacturer of our motherboard. This has to come from the paperwork supplied with your pc, or if you built it yourself from the motherboard box. In the example above the motherboard is a Winfast 760GXK8MC, so we visit their web site and look for driver downloads or product support or maybe use a search function to look for the motherboard.
Then look for drivers for onboard video/vga.

Again, download to your pc and install.



Laptops are similar to onboard graphics, but the drivers are made by the manufacturer of the laptop themselves, so if you have a Sony Vaio laptop then you must go to the Sony web site and again look for the product support section and driver downloads.


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