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This page contains links to all of the video tutorials. They are the same ones that are used in the written tutorials, but in one easy to find location. I have indicated the size of each tutorial. Click here to find out how to watch or save these movies for later use.

I have tried to combine the quality needed along with small sizes to make it easier for people with slower connections to view these. You may find that at times the quality of the video shown in the preview window of the application I am demonstrating to be of poorer quality than the main video. Please let me know if you have any problems with either the video or audio on any of the tutorials.

Movie Maker
How to capture a DV-AVI file 3.08mb
How to change the default duration of stills or transitions 2.81mb
Basic Editing One- Covering adding clips to the timeline, splitting clips, changing timeline view, zooming in/out of timeline, adding transitions 10.4mb
How to add text or titles
How to add music 1.76mb
How to edit music and audio 7.36mb
How to save your movie as a dv-avi file 4.68mb
How to save a still picture from your movie 6.76mb
How to rename split clips 3.68mb

How to check if DMA is enabled 1.60mb
How do I turn acceleration off? 695kb
How do I select the correct audio input for analogue audio recording? 1.15mb
How to use system restore 4.6mb


All tutorials are copyright My Video Problems and although I allow you to download and save these tutorials for future use, any copying, re-use or misuse will be dealt with via the courts and if that doesn't work, I'll send my Mother in Law round to sort you out.

It takes quite a while to compile these videos and write the tutorials. If you feel that they have been of benefit to you, feel free to donate using the paypal button below.


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